About Applegum Studios


HHello I’m Tara, the person behind the camera at Applegum Studios. I am a mother of three active children. Life is busy and at times moves too fast! My children are growing up way too quickly, but I am lucky that I can record their childhood through my lens. Never a day passes that I don’t enjoy artwork of my own children decorating my home.

As years go by your family grows and changes and before you have taken time to capture the journey, the moments have disappear.

It is always a good time to capture the moment!

It doesn’t matter if there are teeth missing, braces, bad hair or scowls. These are all precious moments that make up family life. Stunning photography is more than capturing a beautiful image. It should stir emotions, take your breath away, and bring tears to your eyes.

Simple. Pure. Natural. Our photography captured in three little words.

1012393_1380586252161627_2078087992_nWith Applegum Studios you are in good hands

When considering a photoshoot it is important to find a photographer who has a personality and style that resonates with you and your family, which is why Applegum Studios takes the time to get to know you. Before your photoshoot we discuss your ideas; the style of images, location (or locations), what to wear and even where you would like your artwork displayed.

At Applegum Studios we have a high level of technical expertise, exercising proper exposure of images, intentional composition with flattering light and angles, remarkable editing and overall consistency in producing quality images that will last more than a life time.